Hide Online and Typing Status in WhatsAppPlus

WhatsAppPlus has become one of the favorite applications of many people in the world. One can chat, and exchange photos, videos, and GIFs. You even have the possibility to share stickers with all your friends. Because WhatsAppPlus has a feature that WhatsApp does not have: hide online or typing status.

How to Hide Online and Typing Status in WhatsAppPlus

By default, WhatsApp shows your contacts the last view status, a timestamp of when you last opened the app. This feature is quite unique, but it also hinders users’ privacy. Do you want to use WhatsApp more privately? Like no one knowing your status or the messages you write? Well, WhatsAppPlus lets you eliminate that annoying online and typing status with a single button.

In case you don’t feel comfortable sharing this information publicly with your contacts you can disable this feature and hide it or avoid it secretly by using the more specific simple tricks. We are going to show you more specifically in the following post.

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