How to Know if Someone is using WhatsAppPlus

How to Know if Someone is Using WhatsAppPlus

How to Know if Someone uses WhatsAppPlus ? Do you want to know if your contacts are on WhatsAppPlus? If yes, in this post, We will show you everything about how to detect someone using WhatsAppPlus.

How to know if someone uses WhatsAppPlus? Here are a few signs to check if someone is on WhatsAppPlus.

  • Status:

If the person you are talking to never shows his/her status in the conversation, it’s time to start wondering. Since one of the features of WhatsAppPlus is that it allows you to hide this information. So if you are talking to someone and they never show up online, this could be the first sign that they are using WhatsAppPlus.

  • Connection time:

Another feature of WhatsAppPlus is that it allows you to hide the time of the last connection. If the field is empty when you check this information, they may be using WhatsAppPlus.

  • No double blue check is shown:

When you send a message and your contact reads it, a double-blue check will appear. If you see that your contact replies during a conversation, but you send a message without the double blue check, you have a third clue that the person is using WhatsAppPlus. If the double blue check only appears when the person replies to you, there is even more reason to be WhatsAppPlus.

  • Emoji:

WhatsAppPlus offers a number of additional emojis that are not available in the official version. If your contact sends you an emoji and you do not see it on the screen of your phone, but a small box with a question mark appears, you can also suspect that maybe they are using WhatsAppPlus or another MOD and you can only see it if you are also on it.

Those are some ways to check if someone is using WhatsAppPlus. Thank you!

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