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How to Delete WhatsAppPlus Messages

In this post, we will show you how to WhatsAppPlus Messages for yourself and also for other people.

Delete everyone’s Messages

Deleting everyone’s messages allows you to remove specific text that have been sent to individuals or group chats. This is especially useful if you sent them to the wrong chat room or if you sent a message containing an error. Text that are successfully deleted for everyone will be replaced as “This message has been deleted.”

In order to successfully delete a message for everyone, you and the recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsAppPlus.

Delete a message for yourself

How to see Anti-Delete Messages?

WhatsAppPlus APK allows users to view the deleted message. If you have ever wanted to read a text that has been removed for everyone after sending it by the person, but you really want to read the message that has been deleted. Luckily, by using WhatsAppPlus, the Anti-Delete feature allows you to view the removed text.

Anti-Delete Messages

Enjoy these amazing features on WhatsAppPlus!

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