Auto Reply Messages on WhatsAppPlus

You try to reply to all the messages as soon as possible. However, sometimes you are just too busy to reply. If you don’t want to keep your contacts waiting, you can use WhatsAppPlus auto reply feature to let them know you are busy and you will contact them as soon as possible.

How to Auto Reply Messages on WhatsAppPlus

WhatsAppPlus is one of the best and most popular messaging applications. Many people use it to connect with their contacts all over the world. WhatsAppPlus keeps releasing new features in every update and there is an amazing new feature: Auto Reply Messages. WhatsAppPlus allows users to set up automatic replies and send them whenever you want.

We are going to show you the easiest way to enable auto-reply on WhatsAppPlus.

First, Open WhatsappPlus.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

settings WhatsAppPlus

Click Settings and choose the Auto Reply message option.

How to Auto Reply

Set the timer and content of the message.

Also, You can select specific contacts or even exclude some specific contacts.

Auto Reply Messages

Here is some text you can use for your auto reply. such as:

  • I am busy, text you later
  • I am driving, text you later
  • Can’t talk now
  • At work, text you later
  • In a meeting, text you later

Requirements for auto-replying messages on WhatsAppPlus

Before activating the auto-reply feature, you must Install the latest WhatsAppPlus version on an Android device and a working Internet connection.


Today we share the easiest and simplest way to automatically reply to messages on WhatsAppPlus. This feature seems to be very useful as it automatically replies to your contacts when you are busy somewhere. In addition, you can change the settings and set up automatic replies for specific contacts, etc. Enjoy!

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