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How to Update the New Version of WhatsAppPlus for Android

Here’s how to update WhatsAppPlus new version for Android so you can get the latest features and fixes for free. There are two ways to update. You can do it from the app itself or by using our website.

First, open WhatsAppPlus app on your Android device and click on the icon with three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner.

Then you will see the WhatsAppPlus settings. Click here and you will see “Updates”.

Click on “Check for Updates” and you will get a link to download the latest version of WhatsAppPlus.

And there you have the latest version of WhatsAppPlus. Enjoy the new features!

Or you can also go to our website and download the latest version of WhatsAppPlus? You may need to close the application and restart it for the changes to take effect and the new version of the WhatsApp application to your device.

After the update and you will be able to follow the latest WhatsAppPlus version immediately!

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